7 rules of nutrition after 40 years, which will prolong youth

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No matter how old you feel in the shower, your body is subject to internal rhythms and a biological age. The metabolism slows down, energy is depleted faster than you’re used to, and the night immediately reflected on the face.

But if we add all these to a sedentary lifestyle and a love of high-calorie snacks, it is not surprising that the aging process is gaining momentum.

However, at the age of 40, not everything is lost, and with the correct correction of the usual routine, the probability of living a long and fulfilling life increases significantly.

Start changing your life right now!

Drink milk more often

A glass of milk with a high fat content after fitness is exactly what you need if you are concerned about muscle contraction. Alas, with age, especially after 50 years, muscle mass is declining. Regular consumption of milk slows down this process.
Bonus: Milk also contains calcium, which is necessary for strong healthy bones.

Exclude fast food

Most instant foods like brewed noodles and even steamed oatmeal contain an impressive amount of additives, ranging from artificial sweeteners to preservatives. But if you are tuned for healthy lifestyle, you will have to refuse (ideally for good) products that contain E-supplements ─ such products accelerate the aging process.

Reduce salt intake

The high content of salt in the diet could increase the blood pressure, occurrence of edema and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes.

Japanese scientists suspect that the love of salty foods increases the risk of development of gastric cancer.

Therefore, it is important to stop desalinate food and to eat less foods with “hidden salt.” Among them, experts consider smoked meats and sausages, many types of cheeses, prepared foods, sauces, bakery products, vegetable juices, mineral water. Alternative salts can be spices and condiments, they also make the dishes taste richer.

Add probiotics to your diet

Inflammation in the intestines not only worsens well-being, but accelerates the aging of the body (and especially ─ aging of the skin). Probiotics are good for the prevention of inflammatory processes. According to Liz Earle, author of The Good Gut Guide, lactic acid bacteria, in particular lactoferrin, contained in ordinary natural yogurt, will help to improve intestinal microflora and, therefore, improve skin condition.

Go on a Mediterranean diet

Replace red meat with white poultry and fish, the usual vegetable oil ─ with olive oil, reduce the amount of carbohydrates as much as possible, advises Dr. Muir Gray, author of the book “Middle Age: Looking Better, Living Longer, Feeling Better”. He also recommends eating fruits and vegetables high in polyphenols, legumes and lentils, almonds and sunflower seeds more often. It is also good to often add turmeric to various dishes, which is good for the prevention of arthritis and depression.

Forget what sugar is

Sugar stimulates the process of glycation of proteins, which today is considered one of the main causes of aging, wrinkles and even provoking atherosclerosis and heart attack. Nutritionists advise giving up not only muffins and chocolate bars, but also simple carbohydrates like white rice and potatoes (see also “5 foods a nutritionist would never eat”).

To drink coffee

Excessive coffee cravings can lead to dehydration, but one cup of an invigorating drink will not hurt. Moreover, it is believed that caffeine in moderation reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and increases the level of physical performance. Some trainers strongly recommend not denying yourself a cup of coffee before training. At the same time, most types of tea ─ for example, rooibos, green tea, white tea and oolong tea ─ are rich in antioxidants.

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