Stay At Home Jobs For Moms


Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces where people sell their services as gigs to clients interested in those services. You can offer services like translating, writing, graphics design, short video clips, voiceovers, web designs, app development, and many more on this platform. So if you have any skill you are good at, you can offer it on this platform for sale.

The basic or default price for services is $5; thus, the name Fiver. However, you can add more services to your gigs to earn more cash. Even though the money looks small, it can add up quickly. Do not be discourages as they are a lot of people who are making lots of cash from this site. The secret to succeeding on Fiverr is to create a system that reduces the time spent on each gig.

There is another way you can make more money from Fiverr without much stress; all you need to do is resell gigs elsewhere. For instance, look for a good logo designer then respond to jobs on other freelancing platforms like Upwork or local classifieds. You can earn up to $50 or more from this platform by spending just $5 on Fiverr.

Online Surveys

This money generation method is becoming more popular among students. People earn by filling out online surveys. You can tap into this money-making method as research companies are always recruiting people from different parts of the world to test new products and answer surveys.

You can do this in your spare time, and filling the form will only take a few minutes. You are paid cash or earn rewards after filling the form. Some surveys can pay up to $5 (£3). Here are some interesting surveys to try out: TolunaLifePointsInboxPoundsOnepoll


If you’ve got the writing skills, there are lots of opportunities out there that will pay you when you provide quality content. Websites, blogs, and magazines are constantly searching for pro writers in their niche with the gift of words. There are endless topics to write about, and you need to put your writing ability and creativity to earn something substantial anytime you create time to write.

You can get writing jobs at Contena, Freelance Writing Jobs, Wizzley.

Since most writing jobs are not long-term, you have to constantly look for new assignments and clients to sustain your portfolio as a writer. This instability, however, is offset by being flexible, as a lot of work-at-home writers set work hours based on the schedule and changing needs of their family.


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