10 Real Work-From-Home Jobs for 2020

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We live in difficult times, but also of opportunity. Being at home today can be a possibility to discover that you have a hidden talent or, simply, one that you were not profiting.

Here is a list of activities that you can do from home to generate money. If what you are looking for are remote job boards, here are some options.

Be a Clickworker

Earning as a Clickworker through is an internet crowd-sourcing platform where specific, scalable tasks that need quick completion are advertised by businesses. So if you want to make quick cash from the comfort of your home, you can give this a try.

There are different tasks available, but most of them have to do with easy form filling, web research, or data entry. You get paid in cash (PayPal) for any task you complete and you get to decide the time to work.

Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces where people sell their services as gigs to clients interested in those services. You can offer services like translating, writing, graphics design, short video clips, voiceovers, web designs, app development, and many more on this platform. So if you have any skill you are good at, you can offer it on this platform for sale.

The basic or default price for services is $5; thus, the name Fiver. However, you can add more services to your gigs to earn more cash. Even though the money looks small, it can add up quickly. Do not be discourages as they are a lot of people who are making lots of cash from this site. The secret to succeeding on Fiverr is to create a system that reduces the time spent on each gig.

There is another way you can make more money from Fiverr without much stress; all you need to do is resell gigs elsewhere. For instance, look for a good logo designer then respond to jobs on other freelancing platforms like Upwork or local classifieds. You can earn up to $50 or more from this platform by spending just $5 on Fiverr.

Online Surveys

This money generation method is becoming more popular among students. People earn by filling out online surveys. You can tap into this money-making method as research companies are always recruiting people from different parts of the world to test new products and answer surveys.

You can do this in your spare time, and filling the form will only take a few minutes. You are paid cash or earn rewards after filling the form. Some surveys can pay up to $5 (£3). Here are some interesting surveys to try out: TolunaLifePointsInboxPoundsOnepoll


If you’ve got the writing skills, there are lots of opportunities out there that will pay you when you provide quality content. Websites, blogs, and magazines are constantly searching for pro writers in their niche with the gift of words. There are endless topics to write about, and you need to put your writing ability and creativity to earn something substantial anytime you create time to write.

You can get writing jobs at Contena, Freelance Writing Jobs, Wizzley.

Since most writing jobs are not long-term, you have to constantly look for new assignments and clients to sustain your portfolio as a writer. This instability, however, is offset by being flexible, as a lot of work-at-home writers set work hours based on the schedule and changing needs of their family.


To be a transcriptionist, you need to be proficient in typing, and also have a firm grasp and high accuracy for grammar.  Normally, the job can be done on a flexible schedule or during non-business hours.

Transcriptionists get paid by the words or lines they type, the minute of audio transcribed, or less often, by the hour. Transcriptionists working from home are typically independent contractors. Plus, there are transcribing opportunities both in the legal and medical fields. Some specialized areas, however, may require certification.

For starters, before you start applying for transcription jobs, you can search for data entry jobs from home. If you are an experienced typist and you are familiar with transcription, you can also check for captioning jobs.


If you are a teacher or you used to be one, you can convert your teaching experience into a business, either in person or online. You can become an online tutor and teach students across all ages; this you can do via weekly video sessions combined with assignments.

If you fancy working for yourself, you can decide to charge per hour for in-home tutoring. It advisable you teach topics or subjects you are well-experienced with and have knowledge of. You can also be a tutor to prepare students for tests like GRE, SAT, and MCAT. Although these jobs are done sometimes from testing centers, remote options are also available for you to do from the comfort of your home. Some of these jobs may require a teaching background to be eligible, while other teaching jobs may require a degree or certificate from an accredited university or college.

Visit TutorMe, Chegg Tutors, and for teaching jobs.

Social media consultant

If you spend most of your time on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platform, you can actually make something good out of it. Currently, social media is a key element for advertising and PR firms across different niche, businesses, and industries. You can earn money by managing social media accounts for a company or business if you are a savvy social media user.

Visit Appen, $99 Social, Mashable to get a job as a social media consultant.

Online stylist

Are your friends/family fascinated and compliment your sense of style and flair for fashion? If yes, then try becoming an online stylist. There are lots of upscale fashion subscription boxes interested in the services of a personal stylist to assist with creating professional and individualized curated boxes. Make money from your skills as you help people with their wardrobe.

To get a job as an online stylist, visit Bombfell, Rocksbox, Stitchfix.

Graphics designer

To make your site look unique and professional, you need to hire a graphic designer. There are so many opportunities out there where you can improve and showcase your designer skills, whether you are an experienced graphic designer or a beginner. Create your website, and use your site as an avenue to demonstrate your skill. To add to your portfolio, you can also search for jobs on freelance platforms.

Visit Krop, Behance, Coroflot for jobs.


Blogs are becoming more and more popular by the day, and people tend to visit blogs to get information on topics they find interesting. One of the best jobs for moms who want to work from their homes is blogging; the job offers flexibility, freedom of content, and no deadlines. A lot of mothers make use of their mothering experiences and knowledge as a basis for content.

Making a steady income from writing blogs is possible, but it requires dedication, time, and promotion to monetize a blog successfully. This job also offers an avenue for unfiltered expression and creativity by writing.

Check Medium, WordPress, Blogger to get jobs.


You can be a document translator if you are proficient in a second language. Besides the money you get to make, this job offers you an opportunity to improve your language/communication skills. You will find a lot of options from different industries that are interested in the service(s) of a translator, and the best part about this job is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

For translation jobs, visit ProZ, Gengo, Unbabel.

Virtual assistant

You can do office jobs without going to the office as a virtual assistant. Offering this service will vary based on the company you are working for. You can perform tasks like data entry, email management, organizing records, scheduling appointments, editing, social media management, and so on. Besides responding to ads and job boards, you can find job opportunities through websites, online companies, and contacting bloggers.

Get virtual assistant jobs on Red Butler, Fancy Hands, Assistant Match, Persist.

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