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Do you have a study project? Best Canada immigration helps you choose the one that best meets your budget and your career expectations….

Do you have a study project? Best Canada immigration helps you choose the one that best meets your budget and career expectations.
Best Canada Immigration has signed agreements with internationally renowned establishments that have programs recognized by immigration services and that have reasonable training costs and a friendly study atmosphere.


To study in Canada, a study permit, or a temporary resident visa, may be required, but this is not always the case.
Before applying for a study permit, you must be accepted by a recognized school, university or college in Canada.


It is possible for students to work in Canada while studying. As of now and for the first time, foreign students can obtain an open work permit under the post diploma work permit program, without restriction on the type of job and without the obligation to have received a job offer. . In addition, the validity of these work permits has been extended up to 3 years across the country. Previously, the program only allowed international students to work for a year or two, depending on the location of employment.

“The Government of Canada wants to encourage more international students to choose our country and it wants to help them succeed,” said Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, Diane Finley. Open work permits, now valid for a longer period, provide international students with more opportunities to gain Canadian work experience and upgrade their skills. Thus, these changes will help make Canada a destination of choice and help us keep international students who are already studying here ”. This post-diploma work permit program is added to the list of good reasons to study in Canada. Canadians place great importance on education and have developed a first-rate education system of high standards. Today, Canadian schools and universities rank among the best in the world. As a high-tech nation, Canada is also a world leader in computing and information technology. In addition, it enjoys a reputation for excellence in sectors such as telecommunications, transport and engineering.


Students are only required to demonstrate financial independence for the first year of their studies, regardless of the length of the course or program in which they are enrolled.


To be able to apply for admission to Quebec, you must first choose an educational institution and a program of study. (Agreements have been signed with establishments in Quebec).
Once the letter of admission to an educational institution in Quebec is available, you must obtain:

  • A certificate of acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) for studies, issued by the government of Quebec
  • A study permit, issued by the Government of Canada.
  • In accordance with the Canada-Quebec Accord, the duration of the study permit cannot exceed that of the CAQ; therefore, students destined for Quebec are not entitled to the additional 90-day grace period, unlike students destined for other provinces

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