How to immigrate to Australia?

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Australia is a huge country that is attracting more and more people. Here are the steps to follow for anyone planning to immigrate.

Australia is a large country with beautiful landscapes, attractive cities and a multicultural population. Surfing after work? Going on a road trip in the hinterland on weekends can become routine for those who want to settle there. Here are some elements in order to immigrate in good conditions.


Temporary visas

They allow you to stay in place for a determined time, we distinguish 3:

  • The working holiday visa:

It concerns people between 18 and 30 years old. The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) in English allows you to travel, study English, but also work in Australia. It offers the possibility of remaining one year renewable and the procedures are extremely simple to carry out, they are done online, sometimes only in a few days.

  • The student visa:

It allows you to get a place in a school if you get the necessary funding. It allows you to stay between 2 and 4 years in the country with the possibility of continuing the stay at the end of the course thanks to the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485).

  • Temporary work visa (Visa 457):

The Temporary Work Visa in English is sponsored by a company and allows you to work for up to 4 years on site while taking your family with you. The employer must obtain sponsor status and nominate the employee for a position that cannot be filled by an Australian resident.

For his part, the employee must meet a few criteria such as occupying a profession that appears on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL), have a certain level of English (receive a grade of 5 in IELTS or B in Occupational English Test (OET) and take out health insurance After 2 years of employment with an Australian employer, this visa offers the possibility of obtaining a permanent visa.

Permanent visas

  • The independent visa or visa 189:

The procedure for obtaining it is as follows:

  • Submit an “expression of interest” via the SkillSelect system
  • Receive an invitation from the Immigration Department
  • Gather the supporting documents and submit your request within 60 days.
    The criteria used are age (under 50), a fluent level of English, experience, the skills required for a profession appearing on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and obtaining 60 points in the test. ‘eligibility.

The nomination visa or visa 190:

The principles and procedures are the same as for the 189 visa, the difference is that you need an appointment from an Australian state or territory in order to apply and work for a minimum of 2 years in the state or territory that sponsor.


Immigrating to Australia with your family is the dream of many people. Be aware that this is a complex process. Indeed, you will have to prove, for example, that your resources are large enough to settle in the country with your family. In addition, young children must be educated and this is also a budget in Australia. Here are more details.

Immigrate to Australia with your family: the documents you need to provide
In order to emigrate to Australia as a family, you will need to add the following documents to your visa application, translated into English by an official translator:

Children’s birth certificates

  • The marriage certificate
  • Family status
  • Copies of all passports (certified by the municipality)

You will also need:

  • have sufficient funds to settle in the country
  • be sponsored by an Australian employer

So how do you find a job in Australia without a visa?

Finding a job in order to obtain a work visa is a complex task, but not impossible. The following options are available to you:

  • Transfer you
    Your employer will then take care of your visa.
  • Your profession is in demand in Australia

These are very specific profiles. Companies will then agree to recruit you by distance and organize a Skype interview.
According to specialists, employers prefer to make arrangements for temporary visas. It’s up to you to prove that you are good at being kept and offered a permanent contract.
Looking at the most popular jobs, you can find more information on the Australian government site.


If the country attracts with its employment opportunities, it should be noted that the cost of living is relatively high. Obviously, it depends on the region and the city where you take up residence, but as a general rule, in order to provide accommodation, various insurances, pay for transport, feed or even go out, it is preferable to occupy a position which ensures a minimum and regular income.

In order to properly prepare for your departure, a few sites give valuable advice and are worth consulting

  • Immigration assistance service
  • Australia Voyager

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