Best Effective Daily Exercises for Women After 40

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Hormonal transformation, low metabolism, poor nutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle are the common traits of modern women in their prime age. It’s very important to engage in body strengthening activities after age 40, women especially.

The risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, obesity, stroke, cardiovascular problems, and some cancer types is on the high side when one turns 40. To avoid the effects of these risks, there are some exercises you need to integrate into your lifestyle. This article will introduce you to certain exercises that can help strengthen your body and reduce the risk of certain conditions/problems associated with growing old.

Running on the spot

There is no need to leave the comfort of your home when you want to jog. You can stretch your joints, fill your cells and tissues with oxygen, keep your muscles warm and also improve the outcome of any workout you want to engage in subsequently by running on the spot.

One of the key benefits associated with running on the spot regularly is that it helps to train and improve the joints, ligaments and tendons. Jogging for 15 minutes every day can slow down the aging process and prolong the youthful appearance.

Wall Sit Exercise


You may think this is a simple and ineffective exercise at first, but after the first 30 seconds, you will feel your leg muscles tightening as well as a burning sensation in your buttocks. You can improve stamina, develop balance and strengthen your joints when you exercise.

To do this exercise, stand straight with your back facing the wall. Press your shoulder blades and buttocks firmly. Take one step forward, ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart, look to the sides slightly and keep your hands pressed against the wall. With your back resting on the wall, go down slowly. Halt when your hips are parallel to the ground and your knees bent at angle 90 degrees.

Maintain this pose as long as possible. 60 seconds will do for women. You can start with 30 seconds, then increase the time as you continue. You can do this exercise every day daily to enjoy the benefits.



To do this exercise, lie on the floor with your stomach. Keep your face down, stretch your arms forward, and keep your legs straight. Keep your arms tight and raise it off the ground; ensure your arms are parallel to the ground. While facing down, also raise your legs, chest, and shoulders off the ground. Maintain this pose for some seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat exercise 8 to 10 times.

Wall sliding


You can strengthen your upper back muscles with this exercise; that’s why it’s common with physiotherapy. To do this exercise, stand straight with your back facing the wall. Keep your fit away from the wall (about 30cm), but make sure your buttocks, shoulder blades and the back of your head touches the wall.

Bend your elbows and lift it up. Push it to the wall to reach your ear level; this is your starting position. While in this position, take your hands high above your head; ensure it’s still touching the wall as you do so. Clip both hands over the head and return to the starting pose. Repeat this for 13 to 15 times.



The bar will correct your body posture, strengthen your abs muscles, increase arm strength and give your buttocks a nice share without much stress. To do this pose, stand on your elbows, and keep your body straight from your head down to your toes.

Now breathe normal, try to feel the tension in your muscles as you press your arms, chest, and hips. Do this routine for 15 seconds, then build your time gradually to 60 seconds. Do this workout every day when you wake up from sleep to see quick results.

Abduction of bent legs


Lay on the floor with your arms straight. Ensure you tighten the muscles in your abdomen and keep your spine straight to keep your body straight from the shoulder to the pelvis. This should be your start position. Now, squeeze your buttocks and lift your bent leg to be on the same plane with your body. Try to hold this pose for a second or two, then return your legs to the original position. For each leg, do 12-15 repetitions.

Steps on the bench


You can use a bench, stable chair or sofa for this workout. Stand straight facing the elevation, take one step up, pause for one second and lower the same foot back, nearly touching the ground.Repeat

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