7 warning signs your child may have a vision problem

Bright, but indistinguishable distance

Do a simple test several times: ask your child to name the numbers of buses, trolleybuses or trams traveling in the distance, and read the shop sign from a distance. If your baby cannot cope with this, this is a reason to think seriously and make an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist as soon as possible. It is likely that the child’s eyesight has deteriorated, but in the absence of burning, pain in the eyes or discomfort, he simply does not complain about anything.

Incomprehensible signs in a notebook

When it’s time for school or preparatory courses, check your child’s notebooks and albums for more than just how he copes with assignments and what marks or stickers he gets. Take a close look at the letters, if, when writing, they spread out in different directions, slide off the lines, knock out of the fields, or even chaotically scattered across the sheet – it is better to take the baby to an ophthalmologist. This may indicate vision problems such as astigmatism.

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