7 warning signs your child may have a vision problem

Deterioration of children’s vision is one of the most common problems among schoolchildren. According to statistics, every third person finishes grade 11 wearing glasses. Why is this happening? How can parents know if their child is losing visual acuity?

Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate your child has a vision problem:

Closer, closer!

The first sign that should alarm you is that the child always tries to consider everything from a very close distance: things, pictures, letters, etc. When learning in kindergarten or school begins, you notice that your child bends low to a notebook or album while writing, drawing, and the primer literally reads with his nose. Of course, all this can be just pampering – and here it is important to explain to the child how important correct posture is when reading and writing. But unfortunately. more than likely that your baby is simply not seeing well – maybe he has myopia or other serious eye problems, due to which he can only distinguish something up close.

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