4 good reasons to raise your hands up. Useful exercise!

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4 good reasons to raise your hands up. Useful exercise!
This simple exercise can completely change your body and well-being!

We are accustomed to comfort in the home, transport, shops, etc. .. As a result, our body has lost many of the movements that our ancestors performed daily. And as a result: poor circulation, slowing down the movement of lymph, weakening bones, constant pain in the spine, as well as headaches, etc.

Physiotherapists strongly recommend increasing the number of different movements that we do not perform in everyday life.

We offer you a simple exercise that will help activate the renewal of the body, as well as accelerate the movement of blood and lymph and prevent the development of various diseases.

Do you want to be healthy? Raise your hands up!
Why it is useful to raise your hands up:

1- When the arms are raised, the gastrointestinal tract becomes less winding, which contributes to the rapid passage of food. As a result, peristalsis improves, decomposition and fermentation are prevented, and dysbiosis develops.

2- Raise your hands up, stretch and stay in this position for 20-30 seconds. Constantly lowered hands deform the spine and cause osteochondrosis and other diseases.

As a result, raising your arms will allow your spine to stretch and develop flexibility.

reasons to raise your hands up

3- With age, the organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavities settle and move from their natural place. For example, there is such a term as “bedridden”. This also applies to other organs.

When you raise your hands up, the internal organs also rise. And also, when the organs are lowered, the stomach hangs, the press weakens. Raising your arms up, you strengthen the muscles of the abdomen.

4- Raise your hands not only before and after meals, but also after drinking. In this case, the water does not stay in the body. It quickly passes through the intestines, eliminating toxins and all harmful substances that adhere to its inner walls.

20-30 minutes before a meal, drink 1 or 2 cups of purified water and raise your hands. This is especially useful for those who suffer from constipation.

Spend about 10-15 minutes a day doing this. Without even getting up from your work chair. As a result, very soon favorable results will appear!

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